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Our club takes the meaning of family orientated to another level and pride ourselves on all the extra-curricular activities we do outside of basketball with our children.  We have always believed that if a child feels included, safe, secure and not judged,  this will ultimately translate not only into their game but will help improve their self- confidence, pride and their feeling of belonging.  We encourage our coaches to focus on development,  this paired with our club culture has proven to be a huge success over the past couple of years.  Basketball is not only a sport, it can teach our children many other valuable life lessons such as team-work, working towards goals, perseverance and heart.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Little Crete Basketball Club!  We are a basketball club based in the Casey Area of Melbourne VIC.  We play under various associations within the south-east of Melbourne.  We hope you enjoy your season with us and you enjoy playing the game we are all so passionate about. 

For all those new players that are joining for the first time we would like to give a little background on how Little Crete Basketball Club come about and the origin of its name.  Little Crete Basketball was created 4 years ago, so we are still fairly young.   When we first started the club we approached our father to supply the funds to purchase our first uniforms and in exchange he could name the club  - and so Little Crete was born (his own business being Steel-Crete Pty Ltd).  We treat your children as if they were our own, we always have the best interest of the children at heart! 


We currently play under the Casey Basketball Association, the Dandenong Basketball Association and this will be our first season to play under Frankston Basketball Association.  Thank you for joining us! We trust that your time with us will be very enjoyable!




Tuesday After School Competition

U10 - U14 (Mixed)

Thursday After School Competition

U8 - U10 (Mixed)

Saturday Girls 

U10 - U16

Saturday Boys

U10 - U16


Saturday Girls

U12 - U16


Saturday Boys



Monday Afternoons

4:15pm - 6:30 pm

Straithard Primary School

Monday Evenings

6:45pm - 8:45pm

Willandra Rise Primary School

PLEASE NOTE:  Training times are worked around our coaches so your team may be allocated any of the above mentioned times.

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